Moving & Handling

Moving & HandlingWeek 1Weeks 2 – 12Weeks 13+Monthly(LTR)
MH1 Samsoft 175 Electric Hoist
MH2 Novaltis 175 Stand Aid Hoist
MH3 Adjustable Transfer Aid Boost, Sara Stedy
MH1S Universal Sling with Head Support Small
MH1M Universal Sling with Head Support Medium
MH1L Universal Sling with Head Support Large
MH2S Stand Up Sling Small
MH2M Stand Up Sling Medium
MH2L Stand Up Sling Large
MH3S Deluxe Feeder Sling Small
MH3M Deluxe Feeder Sling Medium
MH3L Deluxe Feeder Sling Large

We don’t offer training for using a patient hoist or fitting a sling. The hoist comes with a user manual, assuming you’re already familiar with operating such equipment. If you’re new to hoists or have any reservations about renting one, it’s best to consult with your healthcare team before proceeding.

Long Term ( Monthly LTR) Contract is for a minimum of 6 months with 1 months’ notice of cancellation required to end the long term rental.

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MH1 Samsoft 175 Electric Hoist

Lightweight frame is easy to manoeuvre into the required position for most transfer situations
Four 75mm high quality 360° castors, rear castors include brakes
Compact for easy access through standard doorways
Ergonomic push handles with a variety of comfortable hand positions available
Electrically powered leg opening provides a stable safer lift
Ergonomic and user-friendly handset
Has been designed to fold easily, without the need for tools or disassembly
Can be stored and transported vertically
Four point spreader bar as standard with secure hooks for sling application
Low chassis height of 9.5cm facilitates access under most beds, and other furniture to ensure user flexibility
Battery can be charged on or off the hoist
Emergency stop and manual lowering function

  • Height 55-174 cm (Lifting)
  • Width 52-96.5 cm
  • Product Weight 38.7 kg (inc. spreader)
  • Turning Radius 142 cm
  • Under bed Clearance 9.5 cm
  • User Weight Capacity 175 kg (27.5st)

MH1S, MH1M, MH1L Universal Sling with Head Support

All standard slings have color coded edges, so that you can easily determine its size. Green = Large, Yellow = Medium, Red = Small.
Each sling has color coded positional loops to offer different seating positions.
All standard slings come with padded legs for optimum comfort. The padded legs are fitted with nylon inserts to stop the legs from bunching.
All of our standard slings are equipped with positioning handles to assist with the carer to position and apply the sling to the user in safety.
Maximum user weight limit of our sling range is 200kg.
Soft and pliable material. Polyester – A popular and standard material for slings. Polyester is robust yet smooth, it has low friction which makes the sling easy to apply and remove.

SKULabelUser HeightUser Girth
MH1SClassic Universal Sling with Head Support – Small 129-150 cm68-91 cm
MH1MClassic Universal Sling with Head Support – Medium 147-168 cm79-104 cm
MH1LClassic Universal Sling with Head Support – Large 165-178 cm102-129 cm

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MH2 Novaltis 175 Stand Aid Hoist

High weight capacity of 175kg (27.5st)
Enables users to be quickly and efficiently transferred with ease
Allows user participation with the lift/transfer encouraging the user to remain active as long as possible
Easy transfer from bed to chair, chair to commode/bathroom etc quickly and easily
Low castors for better access under beds
Large knee pads for safe and secure transfers
Dewert Control System with emergency stop button
Ergonomic push handle

  • Height 88-132 cm (Lifting)
  • Width 54-74 cm
  • Turning Radius 102 cm
  • Under bed Clearance 9.5 cm
  • User Weight Capacity 175kg (27.5st)

MH2S, MH2M, MH2L Stand Up Sling Small

For users who are weight bearing, but need assistance from a seated to a standing position, using a Stand Aid type hoist. A stand up sling is designed to assist with the standing process. Fully padded polyester sling with non slip mesh and adjustable body belt for added security.

SKULabelUser HeightUser Girth
MH2SStand Up Sling – Small129-150cm68-91cm
MH2MStand Up Sling – Medium147-168cm79-104cm
MH2LStand Up Sling – Large165-178cm102-129cm

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MH3 Adjustable Transfer Aid Boost, Sara Stedy

Very manoeuvrable and light to use
Easy to wipe-clean surfaces
Narrow width enables the carer to manoeuvre easily through standard doorways
The Transfer Aid can be wheeled directly up to a toilet, with wheels positioned either side of the toilet offering the user more dignity to sit down
Substantial footplate provides stability
Robust pedals allow legs to be easily opened and closed smoothly
Tool-free adjustable padded lower leg support can be adjusted (tool free) in height to suit user comfort
Padded hand-rail for user comfort
Compatible with our range of optional ladder style support belts for added security

  • SKU: MH3
  • Label: Adjustable Transfer Aid
  • Height: 104.5cm
  • Width: 91cm (legs open), 66cm (legs closed)
  • Length: 97cm
  • Seat Height: 66cm (front), 79.5cm (rear)
  • Seat Depth: 30.5cm
  • Seat Width: 57cm
  • Product Weight: 33.9kg
  • User Weight Capacity: 200kg (31.5st)

MH3S, MH3M, MH3L Deluxe Feeder Sling

Carer assists the user to stand by feeding the strap through the belt
Enables the Carer to assist the User to a standing position, using the Transfer Aid.
Available in three sizes – Small, Medium and Large

SKULabelUser HeightUser Girth
MH3SDeluxe Feeder Sling – Small129-150cm68-91cm
MH3LDeluxe Feeder Sling – Large165-178cm102-129cm
MH3MDeluxe Feeder Sling – Medium147-168cm79-104cm

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